tankless water heaters: can they take the heat?

The Nelson Project, a real estate blog based out of Austin Texas, recently published an informative article about the pros and cons of tankless water heaters.

“Tankless heaters run by cleaner renewable gas (with electronic ignitions) use about 20% less energy than traditional gas run storage water heaters based on an average usage of 78 gallons of hot water a day (which is about 3 showers, 1 laundry load, running dishwasher once and the faucet 9 times). Does this reflect your typical household usage? This percentage of savings is according to the October 2008 issue of consumer reports. Manufacturers tend to claim 30%-50% energy savings, and the green guide comes in at 34% (which is the average of all claims above).”

Read the full article here.

Tankless Water Heaters by Low Energy Systems

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